DrumFace Fun for Fall

Hi there.  Nice face.  Where’s your drum?  Well okay then.

Did you know DrumFace hosts at least 2 free events every month?  That’s just because we’re nice.  No need to camouflage yourself like little Mothy here (who can’t really drum anyway of course).  Come out of hiding and have a little fun, why not?

Catch an open house, every month on Last Thursdays from 7-9pm. (9/29, 10/27)  See & play our newest drums, meet other nice people like yourself, and give us a really good reason to clean up our art studio!  Bring a dish or beverage to share in a veggie potluck, then grab a drum and play along with Chicago Aissawa (or other special guests)!

For the advancement of your ‘little grey cells’, Quentin will continue to offer monthly darbooka practice nights.  (10/5 & 11/2, 7-8pm)  Whether you just need a little motivation to stay in practice, or want to try some new skills n’ drills, you’ll be glad you set aside the time.  Free of charge; donations are welcome.  Great fun for any level of player!

Teeny-weeny ‘little grey cells’ are totally welcome at our Open Houses and occasional  family-friendly events.  Young people ages 14+ are welcome to join in the darbooka practice sessions; for more information please give us a shout (773) 772-4778; or email to:  info (at) DrumFaceChicago (dot com)

Keep on keepin’ on – your DrumFace, that is!

Also at DrumFace on October 19th: meetup for Chicago cave explorers and people interested in caves.  BYOB, 7:30pm

By DrumFace

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  1. Thanks for the reminder—LUV you guys and hope to make it over there soon—the darbooka class was fantastic and I really,really want to do it again!

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