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Heather McQueen is an accomplished ceramic artist, specializing in old-world wheel thrown clay.  Her work ranges from sculptural vessels to utilitarian, country-style tableware.  Heather’s drums explore the interplay between 3-dimensional art, functional craft, and music, remaining consistent within wider ceramic and music making traditions.
Heather’s claywork has been published (“From Mud to Music”, “500 Raku”) and featured in a nationally televised promo (US Cellular).  Her musical studies include percussion, especially of the Middle East & North Africa, where ceramic drums already enjoy a longstanding tradition.  Today, Heather keeps busy making, playing and leading workshops for music and clay, and is active locally & internationally in the arts.  

FALL 2014  DrumFace Studio has closed.  Heather has transferred to a new workspace, please visit the new website www. Heather McQueen Studio .com

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One comment on “HeatherDrums

  1. Hi Heather. Discovered your drums at the recent Raquy retreat we were at. We got one of the Q drums which we love and also loved your clay drums, but they didn’t have the size I was interested in, nor could we really transport one back. I hear that you will ship. I would love to discuss purchasing one of your beautiful drums, please email me back so we can do that! 🙂

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