Closing Time

Well it’s been a fun ride, everybody.  Thank you for the support over the years; DrumFace has closed.  Please continue to stay in touch and follow our developments, as you can be assured we’re not stopping the work, only changing the game.

Heather has relocated and is producing ceramic drums and other clayworks in a new space called The Sacred Garage.  Visit her new website at and Facebook (Heather McQueen Studio)  She can be reached via email, Heather Drums @ Gmail .com and by phone, (773) 671-5575

Quentin remains with his metal shop in the Logan Square location and will be forming a venture under a new name.  In the meantime, contact him by phone at (773) 772-4778 and by email

It has been a pleasure to share our experiences with you over the past 4 years.  Stay tuned!

Signing off as your web administrator, with much gratitude,


By DrumFace