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Morocco Scholarship Sponsor Shout-Out!


Chicago Aissawa has members on location in Morocco!

This past January, we ran a scholarship funding campaign for ensemble members planning to participate in a music study retreat.  Held bi-annually in Morocco, the Rhythm Immersion attracts musicians from around the world, all of whom are interested in folkloric and percussion-based music of North Africa.

You can still visit our page on Indie GoGo to see videos & photos of the group’s fundraising activities.  Money raised helps to keep Chicago Aissawa connected to the source, returning to invigorate Chicago’s music scene with authentic Moroccan sound.  Stay tuned to DrumFace for updates about our trip, and anyone is welcome to join the event on Facebook.

We are members of an international community of musicians promoting the art of music, & these are our heroes because they believed in us!

La Bes!

Sara Zalek, Houssam Nassif, Danyele Cottrell, Michelle Peterson-Albandoz & Las Manos Gallery, David Gray, Aisha de Meknes, Thomas Herman, Moksha Yoga, Kathryn Schoenbrod, Micah Taylor & Direction Tour Promotions, The Kos Family, The Thompsons, LamaJamal & City Winery, Dalila Fridi, Steve Raden, Lily Emerson & Charlie Universe, Alfred Torrence, Logan Square Chamber of Commerce, Alexander Goldberg, JWertymer & Family, Doug Wilson & Family, Taste of Lebanon, Abraham Falk-Rood, Evander Price, Icosium Cafe, Peter Mueller, Maureen D’ Arcy & Wonder Works, Johanna Vargas & Family, Jerome McDonnell & WBEZ Radio

… and all the Moms, Dads, Friends & Loved Ones: you’re the BEST!

Shokran Bezzaf, thanks very much!


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