Hear Ye! (Hello 2012)

DrumFace site gets a new look! ( http://www.DrumFaceChicago.com ) The WordPress fairy has bestowed upon us a cosmic backdrop & ability to post sound.  Ooooh.  Enjoy this track by Chicago Aissawa (recording engineer: Alexander Duvel)

Chicago Aissawa 2011 Track 3 tareja taderra at living sacred sounds

DrumFace is located at 3231 W. Armitage Ave. in Chicago, IL, USA.  If you are looking for info about our metal or ceramic drums, please see “QDrums” and “HeatherDrums”.  For more information about DrumFace events, drums, etc., call 773-772-4778 or email us: info @ DrumFaceChicago .com 

Like what you hear?  You will love Aissawa Kbir!  On Last Thursdays of every month, 7-9:30pm, DrumFace studio is open for a night of community and music.  Aside from delicious vegetarian potluck dinner and music by Chicago Aissawa, we are featuring “Aissawa kbir” (pronounced ka-beer), which means “Big Aissawa”.  It’s a little bit of Morocco in Chicago, and we want you to play along!  See full event listing at the end of this post for details on guest artists and other activities.  Aissawa Kbir Veggie Potluck repeats monthly on the last Thursday (Feb. 23, Mar. 29th, April 26th).

Doumbek Hour continues; join us for a one-hour practice session at the start of each month, to keep your skills up and meet other local players.  We do multi-level technique building and solo phrasing, using North African, Middle Eastern, and occasionally Turkish goblet-drum rhythms.  Bring a drum or play one of ours.  Doumbek Hour repeats monthly on first Wednesdays, 7-8pm. (March 7, April 4, May 2)

Doumbek Hour and Aissawa Kbir Last Thursday Veggie Potluck are FREE*, ongoing events.  *Donations are welcome but not required.

Quentin is delighted to be presenting North African Percussion on April 29th for the Contemporary Music Project’s World of Rhythm and Dance series, held at the 19th Century Club in Oak Park, IL.  (178 Forest Ave.)   2pm  $15  Other dates in this highly recommended series:  (Jan. 29 was West African Drum & Dance with Michael Taylor), Sunday Feb. 26th Arabic Percussion with Omar Al Musfi; Sunday Mar. 25  Steel Drums with Mark Smith; Sunday May 20 Bata Drumming with Toque Chicago. 

Early 2012 at DrumFace:


Weds. 1st     Doumbek Hour  7-8pm  FREE*  Quick, monthly sessions to make practicing more fun!  Focused on the Middle-Eastern goblet drum called Doumbek, also known as Darbooka or Egyptian Tabla.

Weds. 15th    Chicago Cavers  7-10pm  FREE* An unofficial, city-based convergence of cave explorers and people interested in caves.  Hosted by Heather & Quentin of DrumFace and the Windy City Grotto of the National Speleological Society.  Open to non-cavers.  Bring a beverage and snack, if you like. 

Sat. 18th     Moroccan Drum & Dance: Gnowa  5-6:30pm  $5  Gnowa is one of the most popular sacred music & healing trance styles of Morocco. This workshop session is dedicated to rhythms and unique instruments of Moroccan folkloric music (bass drum, metal double-castanets).  Also learn key movements of Gnowa-style dance.  Instruments are provided.  This is an active session- be prepared to boogie!

Thurs. 23rd    Aissawa Kbir Last Thursday Veggie Potluck, 7-9:30pm FREE*


Late Addition:  Sunday March 4th   Workshop with Rami El Aaser, 2pm  $15  Small group session on Middle Eastern drum; advanced instruction available, please contact DrumFace to RSVP or request one-on-one session with Rami.

Weds. 7th    Doumbek Hour  7-8pm  FREE*

Sat. 10th     Moroccan Rhythms for Doumbek  5-6:30pm  $5

Sat. 17th     Skin Party!  9pm-midnight  $5  (FREE if you come with a bubble machine or humidifier)   The final step in drum making, putting on the skin, is best done in a humid atmosphere.  One day, we laughed and imagined the most fun way to raise humidity in the studio- which of course is a room full of people!   So “Skin Party” it is, and aided by your bubble machines and portable humidifiers, we think it will be the most fun way to finish a drum that has ever occurred.  Throughout the evening, Quentin and Heather will be doing live drum skinning, creating a “forest” of new drums.  We’ll keep you entertained with drumming, dancing, perhaps some special guests and skin art.  More details soon.  You will feel at least a little productive as you boogie away- oh and what do you know, it is St. Patricks Day!

Weds. 21st    Special Doumbek Hour: Drum & Dance Jam  7:30-9pm  FREE*  An extended practice session promoting collaboration between dancers and drummers.  Enjoy a short demonstration of how (dancer) Phaedra and (drummer) Quentin work together to create responsive performances, and have fun playing with other dancers and drummers.   

Thurs. 29th    Aissawa Kbir Last Thursday Veggie Potluck  7-9:30pm  FREE*


Weds. 4th    Doumbek Hour  7-8pm  FREE*

Sun. 15th & 22nd, Thurs. 26th     3-Session Drum Making  15/22nd: 2-3:30pm, 26th: 7pm  ($20 +kit cost, from $10)  Beginner’s drum making workshop, in 3 parts.  Using a pre-made form, you’ll get 2 sessions working in the DrumFace studio, decorating and skinning a drum.  Drums will be ready to play & take home on Thursday 26th (Aissawa Kbir Veggie Potluck & open studio night).   Appropriate for ages 8+

Weds. 18th    Chicago Cavers  7-10pm  FREE*

Thurs 26th     Aissawa Kbir Last Thursday Veggie Potluck  7-9:30pm  FREE*

Sat. 29th  Chicago Contemporary Music Project Presents: World of Rhythm and Dance Series  19th Century Club, Oak Park  2-5pm  $15  Quentin presents rhythms of North Africa!

* donation welcome but not  required

Big thanks to Marianna Kadlecova for the work-in-progress photos!  http://www.mariannapix.com

By DrumFace