Moroccan Drum & Dance


Moroccan Drum & Dance Workshops at DrumFace

Gnowa:  Saturday August 28th at 6pm; $6.  

Tareja:   Tuesday August 31st at 7pm; $7.

DrumFace: 3231 W. Armitage Ave.    Info: (773) 772-4778

Moroccan Drum & Dance Workshops: Jebela, Aissawa & Gnowa

Explore polyrhythms and instruments of Moroccan folkloric music, and learn key movements of mystical North African dance.  Drums are provided.

Saturday, August 28th at 6pm; $6. Gnowa drum & dance.  Experience the primal unity of rhythm and movement, as expressed by Carbabeena-style Gnowa percussion. (bass drum & metal double-castanets)  Long regarded for their Sub-Saharan “magic”, the Gnowa are one of the most popular sacred trance societies in Morocco.  This is an active session- be prepared to boogie!

Tuesday August 31st at 7pm; $7.  Tareja, the “littlest” drum.  Popular in Moroccan Aissawa, Dakka, and Melhoun music, it is surely one of the most distinctly “Moroccan” drums.  We will play interlocking rhythmic patterns, designed to be played in groups, similar to the way clapping is used in Andalucian/Flamenco music.

By DrumFace