July & August at DrumFace

DrumFace: 3231 W. Armitage Ave.    Info: (773) 772-4778

Moroccan Drum & Dance Workshops: Jebela, Aissawa & Gnowa

Explore polyrhythms and instruments of Moroccan folkloric music, and learn key movements of mystical North African dance.  Drums are provided.

Thursday, July 8th at 8pm;  $8.  This session will focus on the double-headed “Tabl” drum, played with sticks.  Perhaps the most common-looking of all drums, it is the signature instrument of Jebela music, paired often with the “Ghyyta”, or snake-charmer’s horn.  We will also explore how the Tabl is used in other musical styles of Morocco, including sacred Aissawa trance music.

Saturday, August 28th at 6pm; $6. Gnowa drum & dance.  Experience the primal unity of rhythm and movement, as expressed by Carbabeena-style Gnowa percussion. (bass drum & metal double-castanets)  Long regarded for their Sub-Saharan “magic”, the Gnowa are one of the most popular sacred trance societies in Morocco.  This is an active session- be prepared to boogie!

Tuesday August 31st at 7pm; $7.  Tareja, the “littlest” drum.  Popular in Moroccan Aissawa, Dakka, and Melhoun music, it is surely one of the most distinctly “Moroccan” drums.  We will play interlocking rhythmic patterns, designed to be played in groups, similar to the way clapping is used in Andalucian/Flamenco music.

Arabic & N.African Rhythms for Darbooka

Tuesday, July 20th and Tuesday, August 10th.  7pm; $7. The goblet-shaped drum is the signature percussion instrument of Mid-Eastern music.  Improve your sounds and techniques and have fun playing new rhythms and drum solo improvisations.

Percussion Construction

Wednesdays, August 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th, at 8pm.  $100. Pre-registration required: (773) 772-4778. Make your own drum!  We will provide the materials (either metal or clay) and walk you through the stages of building your first drum from scratch.  Customize the project to suit your interests, and plan on learning the basics of either welding & metal fabrication or clay forming using hands, molds, and/or the pottery wheel.

Other Workshops

Sunday July 18th at 2pm; $12.  We are excited to invite Phaedra to return for another Sunday afternoon bellydance lesson!

More dance and movement sessions will be added soon, so check back here or give us a call: (773) 772-4778.  Also remember to check out the Chicago Aissawa page and H&Q’s drum pages on this site for performances, events and appearances elsewhere in Chicagoland.

Last but not least, DrumFace welcomes Basia Krol for some super-fun summer art sessions! Classes will run weekly from July 19th to the end of August.  A new side-page has been added to highlight the programs she will be offering for adults, kids and teens. (look to your left; it’s with Q & H’s drum pages)

By DrumFace