June at DrumFace

DrumFace: 3231 W. Armitage Ave.    Info: (773) 772-4778

Aissawa Open House and Potluck

Enjoy listening-in on practice night with Chicago’s only Moroccan-style trance percussion band!  Thursday, June 10th.  Doors open at 7:30pm.  Potluck buffet at 8:30pm.

Moroccan Drum & Dance: Aissawa

Explore polyrhythms of the Aissawa society, and learn ancient movements of mystical North African dance.  A variety of drums will be provided.  Friday, June 11th at 7pm;  $7.

Drum Rehab & Repair

A chance to fix and retune your drum, under the guidance of master drummakers!  RSVP to reserve your replacement drumskin:  (773) 772-4778.   Sunday, June 13th.  1-4pm; $60.

Moroccan Drum & Dance: Gnowa

Experience the primal unity of rhythm and movement, as expressed by Carbabeena-style Gnowa percussion. (bass drum & metal double-castanets)  This is an active session- be prepared to boogie!  Saturday, June 19th at 6pm; $6.

Arabic Rhythms for Darbooka

 The goblet-shaped drum is the signature percussion instrument of Mid-Eastern music.  Improve your sounds and techniques and have fun playing new rhythms and drum solo improvisations.  Monday, June 21st.  7pm; $7.

By DrumFace