FunRaiser CD Tracklist

Here is a basic tracklist for the DrumFace FunRaiser compilation CD!  (the tracklist may not transfer onto your CD from our ITunes)  Performers, volunteers, and sponsors are getting them now.  If anybody else wants one, get in touch.

Track 1:

Chicago Aissawa

Tracks 2 &3:


Tracks 4, 5 &6:

John Dau and the Found Boys  (Sudanese Rebaba ensemble)

Track 7:

Bob and Kate, Odaiko Taiko

Tracks 8, 9, 10 &11:

EE (Environmental Encroachment) Magic Circus Band

Tracks 12&13:

Doug Abram, Quentin & Heather accompany Sabah’s dance

Tracks 14, 15, 16&17:

Manigua Ensemble

By DrumFace